Contributors to the BN Photo Archive

I started the ball rolling on this project, but I got a pretty late start considering the age of Burlington Northern. Being born a couple years after the merger certainly makes it hard for me to get some of those early BN photos.

Fortunately, there are lots of others out there who are interested in the BN for whatever reason, and many of them took pictures and traded with fellow railfans to get even more.

I like this trading concept, and that is my main motivation of doing this. I had some photos, I wanted to share them, and I'm still not done getting all of them scanned yet. (Looks like I never will be.)

Fortunately, there are others out there that have photos they would like to share. Below are a few, and it looks like the list is going to grow. If you have any BN photos, or the opportunity to acquire some, I hope to see your name on this list sometime soon!

"The list (sure enough, it's growing!):"
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