Robert Dobrowolski
Robert has been interested in railroads for all of his 37 years. His wife tolerates it, and his three kids love to join in the operating sessions. His all-time favorite railroad is the Erie Lackawanna, and coming in a close second is the BN. Robert's modelling interests are in HO scale based around the early 70's. He most likes the diesels of the time, and also enjoys the variety of paint schemes on the EL and BN during that period.
Robert likes to trade slides and negatives as well. His photo equipment consists of a Pentax K1000 and a Mamiya 645J. Robert can be reached via the following:
    Postal address: Robert Dobrowolski
                    7070 SW 84th Ave
                    Portland, OR  97223
If you like Robert's photos (particularly if you are into trading), check out his web page and send him some mail (by whichever method you prefer)!

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