Jim Gehrett
Jim is 30 years old and lives in the western suburbs of Chicago where he was born and raised. Jim was bit by the train bug about 18 years ago. Jim and his brother joined a model railroad club near them and with the exception of a sabbatical for college, Jim has been a railroad buff ever since. He used to tag along with his brother and his brother's friends to go railfanning whenever he could until he was old enough to drive himself. Now Jim sits at a computer writing software, fighting the urge to spend all day browsing the Internet for railroad related "stuff" like this web site. Jim says, "Please excuse some of my photos for not having the best lighting, but sometimes around here, you have to take what you can get." The saying in Chicago is: "If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change". [Funny, Texas weathermen like to say that too....]

Feel free to drop Jim a line at jgehrett@technium.com.

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