Chris Stewart
Chris lives about 10 minutes from the West Quincy, MO railroads yards, and from the looks of his photos, it is an interesting place. Chris lives in Quincy, IL and works in Hannibal, MO where he grew up. Chris is 40 years old, and has a wife and 2 kids. He also has 2 brothers who are engineers for both the BN (now BNSF). Chris has been into photography for some time, but has just recently discovered the fun of shooting trains. Chris has been into model railroading (HO scale) for about 6 years and most of his models are of the BN. He has acquired an interest in Frisco, and now wishes he'd been taking pictures back then. At least if BN green goes away, he'll have more than just memories to look back to!

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Last updated: 6/3/2004