Kirk Orndorff
Kirk began railfanning in grade school when he lived near a BN branch south of Lincoln, NE. Power there was a mix of branchline units, mainly GP7/9's, SD7/9's and baby boats. He will never forget his first cab ride: a ride around the local yard in a CB&Q Chinese Red SD9. These smaller branchline units remain his favorites to this day, especially the SD9's. Kirk lives in Loveland, CO with his wife of 20 years and three great children. Kirk and his son enjoy frequent railfanning trips to both Denver and Cheyenne, as well as chasing the local Great Western Railway. The local Omnitrax facility has been painting units for BNSF and has been a great source for photographing BNSF units fresh from the paint booth, including his personal favorite, the Heritage I scheme. The Orndorffs have a model railroad based on the BNSF and their home road, the Eastgate Railway. For some reason they also have a CB&Q SD9.

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Last updated: 8/23/2001