Cliff West
Cliff is 61 years old born in Astoria Oregon. His interest in trains started when he was old enough to know what a train was. The Spokane Portland & Seattle Ry. ran there on the way to Seaside. Photography started in the mid 1950's with Cliff and his dad taking pictures around Astoria. They developed their own film and printed the photos, all in living black & white.

They moved to Portland in 1959 and their house had a view of the U.P. Kenton line about a block away. The trains could be heard approaching and Cliff would look out the frontroom window and watch them and on occasion photo them from near the tracks.

Cliff uses a Pentax K-1000 with a 70-225 macro/zoom and Seattle Filmworks film.

Model trains date from 1950 when Cliff got a Lionel Scout set. Now it's HO of the Southern Pacific in the 1970's.

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