A. J. Reinschmidt
Off and on train shooting (loco roster shots primarily) is among one of Al's many hobbies. Most of his photos are from the mid 70's when a fairly large group from Champaign Urbana, IL (including Mark R. Lynn and Paul DeFries) frequented Chicago area rails. Now he mainly buys and collects slides. Al models the PRR in the mid 50's to early 60's, primarily because of the variety of power that can be modeled. (He hinted of a special liking for those Pensy roof antennas).
Currently Al is more involved in another similar hobby - traction, streetcars, and transit buses. Al takes a lot of roster shots of Transit Buses (this is what happens to a frustrated traction fan). Al also has a fairly large collection of Chicago Streetcars for a small Chicago area traction layout currently in the concept stage.

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Last updated: 2/02/96