Chris Rich
128 W. 11th
Newton, KS 67114
(316) 283-8272
Chris is one of the coolest rail buddies I could name off to you. He *loaned* me all of these originals you are looking at! I have had them a bit longer than I really intended to, but so far he hasn't bugged me about it. (That was 7/20/95, I did return them to him on 3/3/96...suppose I ought to mention that, too) ;^) The man has a greatattitude about the hobby.

Chris is mainly into HO custom work, and he seems to be most into Santa Fe, but dabbles in just about everything.

If you like Chris' shots, please send him a post card to the above address. I'm sure it'll make his day! Maybe we'll get him on the net yet!

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