Randy Keller
Randy is nearly 37 years old, is married and has two California blondes - ages 5 & 8. Randy works for a company that manufactures "motion picture processing equipment" - high speed printers, developers and the like for the movie industry. Randy started liking trains at a very early age and this was probably started due to vacation drives along the Santa Fe via "Route 66." Randy always wanted to be a "train engineer", but later found other [career] interests closer to reality.

Randy started taking pictures about 15 years ago and got "serious" in 1984. Soon after getting married, Randy moved to Victorville in early 1987 which made railfanning much easier. A Santa Fe local and UP helpers were based in Victorville and always made easy prey, and the forty to fifty trains a day didn't hurt either!

Randy was CTC Board Magazines UP news editor for one year in 1987-88. He had fun, but it was lot of work at the same time. About that time, Randy's photography really kicked in and he soon had photos published regularly in CTC Board, Pacific RailNews, Extra 2200 South and Railfan and Railroad. Randy has had two articles published, and many photos published in books, with many more in the works! (See the note on "Randy's Project" below.)

Over the years Randy has been trading and selling his slides to fans all across the country. While he may not have the greatest selection or quantity of material, Randy strives for that famous saying "quality not quantity." Due to his location, Randy has shot mostly Santa Fe, Southern Pacific and Union Pacific, but he has done some traveling across the Midwest and diversified a little.

Randy's Project

In WHATSNEW to the roads already mentioned, and BN of course, Randy is particularly interested in the Missouri Pacific Railroad. Randy is actively researching the disposition of former Missouri Pacific locomotives that have operated since 1980. At first, the project was intended for Missouri Pacific Historical Society, (which he is a member of) but the project now looks to be growing into a book.

For this reason, Randy is currently looking for QUALITY slides of former Missouri Pacific locomotives. If you have any appropriate slides,or leads on slide collections, please contact Randy by the e-mail address below.

If you want to contact Randy, here's how to get in touch with him:
    e-mail:         mp3115@prodigy.net
If you like his photos, or especially if you can help with his project, send him some e-mail!

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