Cody Erben
Cody was a seventeen year old high school senior who had been a railfan most of his life. He had lived in Cheyenne, WY, Gillette, WY, and Chardon, NE for the past four years. Cody is a little older now, living in Laramie, WY, and going to the University of Wyoming between railfan trips. Apparently, Cody sees a good amount of UP action going on in his backyard, some of which he is sharing on a website of his own (see below).

Cody's favorite road of all time is the Erie-Lackawana, but he was never around to see any EL trains. Currently his favorite railroad is the Union Pacific. Cody and his father usually spend their summer vacation back east along Conrail, another of Cody's favorite roads. Since Cody lives about 20 minutes from Crawford Hill, he sees lots of BN, especially the new SD70MACs.

Cody has been into railroad photography for several years, but claims his early attempts were not too spectacular. Once he received his current camera, a Pentax K1000 (good no-frills camera), his photography has steadily improved. Cody started off shooting prints, but soon came to realize the superior quality of slide film, and now shoots mainly slides. Cody primarily shoots Fuji film, but has also experimented with Kodachrome 64 and Ektachrome Elite 100. Cody has had two pictures published in Railpace magazine, both of them taken in Pennsylvania.

Cody also spends a bit of time on the net. He occasionally posts articles to railroad newsgroups, and also maintains a web page.

If you like his photos, send him some e-mail!

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