Contributing to the BN Photo Archive

This site would be what it is today without the help of many contributors, especially when it comes to 70's and 80's material since I started photographing the BN in 1993. If you have a collection of BN photos and are interested in contributing to this photo archive, read on.

I am not particularly picky about the quality of photography on the BN Photo Archive as I started this with the modeler mindset of any photo is better than no photo. Now that the collection has grown considerably, I have become more demanding with respect to quality, but as long as photos are useful as "roster shots" showing reasonable detail of the subject, I will probably be satisified.

Digital photos and scans (roughly equivalent to Kodak Photo CD) :

If you have the ability to provide digital images, I would be quite happy with 3000x2000 pixel (6 megapixel) or higher images in TIFF format. Such files are about 18 MB each, so it would be most practical to save them to CD-R or DVD-R media, then send the media by mail. The vast majority of my master scans are of Kodak Photo CD origin. I would love to have 3072x2048 PCD files, but the service is not easy to find any more at all much less at competitive prices. Photo CD served me well, and I do miss the service, convenience, and quality.

35 MM Slides and Negatives :

If you do not have the ability to provide digital images, I have a Kodak RFS film scanner (first generation Kodak Photo CD scanner) which can scan 35mm slides or negatives. I strongly prefer slides to negatives, but an original negative would be preferable to a duplicate slide. In general, I am not interested in prints since quality will not be as good as from a negative.

If you have something to contribute, or questions about contibuting, please send me e-mail at:

I do prefer JPEG samples by e-mail, even though I prefer TIFF for the archive website masters.

Charles Biel
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