Contributors to the Santa Fe Super Fleet Photo Archive

Getting material to update the Super Fleet site has not been easy lately. Most BNSF trains I see these days have BNSF Heritage I or II units on the lead, so it is a treat to see a Super Fleet locomotive on the lead of a train. I may have to resort to shooting more coupled units just to have five units per month to post if I have to come up with everything myself.

Fortunately, I have received help from several contributors, and help will be more and more important as Santa Fe units become less and less common in the future. Now that I have expanded the site to include all Santa Fe motive power from 1985 to the present, I hope to find a little more support from you all out there. If you feel your slides are too valuable to loan or give away, but you are into trading or selling and would allow me to use your photos on this website, feel free to contact me. I do not have a great quantity of extra Santa Fe to trade compared to BN and BNSF, but every little bit helps.

Thanks to those who have helped me so far:

Chris Rich
Randy Keller
Nathan Beauheim
Chris Stewart
John T. Kennedy
Mark R. Lynn
Moss Hulsey
Kevin Hubbard
Robert H. Seale

If you would like to know more about how to contribute, trade, etc. click here.

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