Mark R.Lynn
Mark worked for Santa Fe from 1979 to 1995 in various positions in the Engineering Dept, ending as a Roadmaster in Alliance, TX. Since 1995, Mark has worked for Amtrak as Project Engineer for the ITCS High Speed initiative between Chicago and Detroit, and for CSX as a Roadmaster on the B&O Capacity Improvement Project between Gary and Garrett, IN. This project is the double tracking of the ex-B&O mainline from Willard, OH to Chicago in anticipation of huge traffic increases after the CR/CSX/NS split.

Mark recently accepted position with GE as Technical Director at the BNSF Argentine shop, and will be moving to KC in the very near future.

Hobbywise, Mark has been shooting slides since April 1968 (when he was 12), trading and selling since 1977. Mark co-authored the book Warbonnets with Dan Pope in 1994. Mark's photos have appeared in many books, magazines and calendars, in addition to advertising materials of several railroads.

If you'd like to contact Mark, here's how to get in touch with him:

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