I go to a bit more detail on contributing on my Burlington Northern Photo Archive website, but here is some infromation more specific to those interested in contributing to the Santa Fe Supre Fleet website.

Over the past couple years, I have had great success obtaining contributions for the BN Archive. Unfortunatley, I have not had much success obtaining contributions for the Santa Fe Super Fleet site. I have had several people send small quantities of slides and negatives for this site, but I have done a rather poor job of scanning, posting and returning the majority of them. Most contributors have been either waiting patiently, or perhaps have given up on hearing back from me. The problem I have experienced with this site is that the scope I have placed on it (only 1990's red and silver) is very small compared to the large scope I have placed on the BN site (anything BN). There are a lot of people who have built up substanital collections of BN photos. It did not take me long to build up a substantial collection of my own, excluding what contributors have sent. Very few people have substantial collections of modern Santa Fe red and silver, and my own collection is rather small as well. Because of this great difference in scope and the corresponding differences in material I have had available, the BN site has been thriving, while the SF site has been for the most part ignored.

When I originally made this site, its main puropse was actually a small model of the BN site, a way to test ideas on a smaller scale. Now this site is again a test, this time for ideas to go into a future BNSF site. This time, it will not be a short lived test like it originally wound up being. The SF site is now a test to see if I can make a successful site with a very limited amount of material. There is very little BNSF equipment to photograph at this time, and the amount does not seem to be growing very rapidly. The challenge I now face is how to obtain contributions for and frequently update the SF (and BNSF) sites given the small amount of material available.

The greatest problem contributors will face is that I will only accept either 35MM slides or negatives, or PhotoCDs, and that it may take a long time for me to return the slides (6 months) or negatives (a year or more). Submitting PhotoCDs is probably the best way to contribute, as I could reimburse the cost, and do not have to handle original slides or negatives. Unfortunately, PhotoCD is not cost effective for small quantities (less than 20) of slides or negatives.

If by this point, I haven't scared you off, I take it that means you really are interested in contributing! If you really are interested, please refer to the contribute page on my Burlington Northern Photo Archive for more information, and hope to hear from you soon!

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