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It's April 12th again, and that means Party Favors!

Once again, it's time for some party favors, get them while they're hot!

Photo of the Year 2016-2017:

Party Favors 2017 - Volume 1 of 1

Last year I mentioned having some other good pix from Texas and Oklahoma, so rather than just feature my best from April 12, 2016 to April 11, 2017 I decided to add some of those to this year's set from Texas, Wisconsin, and New Mexico.

Yes, the "Photo of the Year" happens to be from 2015. While not the most scenic or best lit, in the grand scheme of things it is likely to be a rare photo that cannot be easily taken again. In the background is the new Fort Worth GE plant, built next to a BNSF mainline track that was soon to be severed. It is unlikely that such EMD power will see this location again.

For those of you that prefer better scenery, BNSF 8135 on Curtis Hill is among my favorites. If you want the newest power, check out ET44C4's BNSF 3994 (early squared body near exhaust) and BNSF 3786 (later tapered body near exhaust), both good catches from Abo Canyon.

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