Party Favors!

Well, it's time to celebrate the birthday present I got myself. Dedicated ISDN service to the house. This page and the files below are being hosted by my new Sun Sparcstation LX.

One thing I have put off far too long is the "Action and Scenic Photos" section of the archives. Well, today I am starting those sections. The 600x400 and 798x532 image sizes that I use as a standard are good for roster shots, but just do not do action and scenic shots justice. I have chosen to try 1152x870 as my standard for Action and Scenic photos. This is the standard desktop size for most Mac users with 20" monitors. I do not think Windows displays do this resolution, but if you are serious about graphics, then I assume you have a mac, so it's a moot point. Heh heh.

Well, enough Mac advocacy. Here's the "Party Favors":

Burlington Northern (Early)

SW1 #91 (Ed Fulcomer)
F7A #704
GP9 #1748 (Russ Colegrove Coll.)
GP18 #1997
GP20 #2058 (Kent Charles)
C425 #4246 (Bob Daschofsky)
C636 #4368 (Bob Daschofsky Coll.)
U30C #5341 (Kent Charles)
U25B #5427 (Houser Coll.)
U33C #5703 (Houser Coll.)
U33C #5724 (Gerald J. Quinn)
U33C #5744 (Houser Coll.)
U30B #5782 (Kent Charles)
U30B #5797 (Bill Weibel)
SD40 #6317 (Houser Coll.)
SD45 #6486 (Houser Coll.)
SD40-2 #6812 (Houser Coll.)

Burlington Northern (Modern)

GP39E #2936 (Houser Coll.)
SD70MAC #9550 (Tom Klinger)
SW10 #575 (Charles Biel)
GP50 #3139 (G. Sires)
GP50 #3155 (Ian Platt)
C30-7 #5553 (Cody Erben)
SD40-2 #7256 (Cody Erben)
SD40-2 #7913 (Tim McClenehan)
SD60M #9251 (Tom Klinger)
SD70MAC #9400 (Tom Klinger)
SD70MAC #9436 (Steve Goen)
SD70MAC #9449 (Tom Klinger)
SD70MAC #9463 (Tom Klinger)
SD70MAC #9514 (Cody Erben)
SD70MAC #9612 (Cody Erben)
SD70MAC #9658 (Tom Klinger)
E9A #9902 (Ken Kessler)
B39-8E #8566 (Greg Hall)

C44-9W #1001 (Mark R. Lynn)
SD70MAC #9969 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #719 (Charles Biel)
C40-8W #812 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #970 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #980 (Mark R. Lynn)
C44-9W #1027 (Charles Biel)
C44-9W #1029 (Jim Gehrett)
C44-9W #1103 (Charles Biel) R
GP9 #1633 (Chris Stewart) R
SD40-2 #6934 (Charles Lanphere)
SD75M #8251 (Mark R. Lynn)
SD75I #8288 (Charles Biel) R
SD60M #9297 (Tom Klinger)
SD70MAC #9818 (Mark R. Lynn)
SD70MAC #9839 (Moss E. Hulsey) R
SD70MAC #9842 (Charles Biel)
SD70MAC #9875 (Charles Biel) R

The shot of 9969 is what really got me worked up enough to make these large images available. This shot has not been posted to the archive yet. It was taken by me on December 27, 1998 east of Milbank, SD. It's a good shot, but it's special because the power plant that I made a point to capture in the background framed between some trees was less than 10 miles from my home for the first 11 years in of my life in Ortonville, MN. The plant is the Big Stone power plant in Big Stone City, SD. When I lived there, it was served by Milwaukee Road, but many of my earliest railroad memories are of trains serving that plant. Since I got into railroad photography, I've made it a point to take a picture of at least one Big Stone coal train each time I visit. What a treat it was to have new BNSF power (an elephant cream sandwich), and even better, what luck I had in finding a nice spot and having such good light.

You can also thank Charles Lanphere, Mark Lynn, and Tom Klinger for urging me to start this with either words of encouragement or appropriate material.

I did sneak in a few rosters on the BNSF section above (the ones with an R after the name). All of these 1152x870 images will be gone sometime April 13, but most will return soon later in the soon to be created "Action and SCENIC" sections.
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