Message of the day - August 15, 1998:

Hi everyone,

Today I did my usual first active day of the month updates to the INDEX files, which took an awful long time. I decided not to slack off and leave the "this page isn't ready yet pages", bit the bullet and finished several expanded roster pages. Many of these pages will be heavily reused soon when I merge them into the BNSF archive.

As for pictures, I am posting ten more slides from contributor Chris Stewart. There are seven shots of GE C30-7's (including 5131 which has been upgraded to C33-7) and three shots of aging SD9's that Chris caught recently in Missouri, Illinois, and Iowa. In many cases this is the second shot of this unit, but the first shot is from a decade earlier, so there are some detail differences. The most obvious (to me at least) is the loss of rotary beacons and the WHATSNEW of ditch lights.

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