Wes Carr
Wes Carr has been a dispatcher with BNSF since October 1995. Wes grew up in San Angelo and has lived in the greater D-FW area for about 9 1/2 years. He is now 28 years old, and currently lives in north Ft Worth. While his favorite railroad is BNSF, KCS and shortlines also interest him. He is not a big UP fan, the 2 exceptions being: 1) Paisano Pass area near Alpine; and 2) the Golden State route through Carrizozo, NM. Wes' main photographic interest is action shots, but he shoots some rosters, as you've seen. He used to shoot Kodachrome 64 exclusively, but has recently begun experimenting with Fujichrome slides, both Provia and Astia. He's not sure which he likes best, but might consider jumping ship from Kodak altogether.

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Last updated: 1/15/2000