Steve Goen
Steve Goen is mainly a CB&Q fan, but the interest has bled into BN a bit. Steve also dabbles in the MoPac, and predecessors KO&G and T&P, as well as the ever popular Santa Fe. Steve has a business called SG Video Productions.
Steve recently told me that he is working on a book for Four Ways West publications on the Fort Worth and Denver, especially during the early deisel period, the heyday of the Zephyrs.
Steve could really use some photo contrubutions for his book - but I don't have his address handy. I'll try to dig it up or ask him for it next time I see him.
Steve and I have made a couple short railfanning excursions lately, finding some interesting subjects in our travels. How many wig-wag signals do you know of that survive into 1996? We've found three now. The strange little things that we find fascinating....

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Last updated: 2/05/96