One of these days I'll make myself a decent page. My onramp page is close, but not really about me.
I've had some people mail and ask about who I am, where I live, etc (I like mail, so don't let this stop you from sending some) so I thought I'd at least mention that.
For a little bio on me, I'm currently a CSE junior at the University of Texas at Arlington. I am also full time staff there managing Academic Computing Sevrices' Central Library computer lab. The lab has 15 PC's and 57 Macintoshes, along with a Novell server and an Appleshare server. That keeps me pretty busy. Because of this and my hobbies (I like bike riding in WHATSNEW to trains) I don't plan to graduate anytime soon. I am originally from Ortonville, Minnesota, and moved to Arlington, Texas at age 11 (1983). Since BN ran nearby up there and runs nearby down in Texas I guess that's why I'm mainly interested in them. Many modelers in the area that attend model train shows may recognize me as the son of John Biel, who is the owner of John's Hobby Shop. I sell a little bit of my N-Scale collection at these shows, and though I don't consider what I am doing a business, I did give it a name and made some cards just for fun. The name is "Rediculously Overpriced N-Scale". The cards were the biggest hit I have ever seen at a train show. I'll have to make more one of these days.

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Last updated: 7/30/95