Why am I doing this?

I go to a bit more length explaining "why I am doing this" in general on my Burlington Northern Photo Archive website. Since the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway merged, I have been anticipating some new image to signify the new Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway. The changes have been slow, but since the relettering of BN and ATSF locomotives, and the new green and orange scheme has come, the BNSF is finally beginning to form an identity of it's own.

Part of me is sad to see the BN and ATSF flags fall (sure am glad I decided to start shooting slides of BN and SF a few years ago!), but the new BNSF looks to be an interesting railroad in the making, and it will certainly be interesting to watch the transition. I do feel a bit of excitement every time I see something roll by that says BNSF on the side, and I don't think I am alone (there are already several other railfan sites established that contain BNSF photos and information).
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