Welcome to what will soon be the BNSF Photo Archive

Hi everyone,

I hope to have this site ready by the end of June, but an 11 day trip to Minnesota I have planned may push it back to July. Hope to get lots of BNSF photos while driving from Texas to Minnesota and back.

Anyway, I have a few preview images available in the meantime, and one question to ask you. I apoligize for not having a nice hypertext CGI form for you to fill out, so you are going to have to e-mail me at hippie@onramp.net in order to voice your opinion.

I have prepared two sets of images, one set being the standard BN Archive 640x400, and the other set being a new, larger 798x598. Note that I have used the same filename for the files even though the resolution is different, so if you are downloading both, be sure to not to save one over the other!
[BNSF 124]
124 @ 640x400
124 @ 800x600
[BNSF 1018]
1018 @ 640x400
1018 @ 800x600
[BNSF 1033]
1033 @ 640x400
1033 @ 800x600
[BNSF 2911]
2911 @ 640x400
2911 @ 800x600
[BNSF 8261]
8261 @ 640x400
8261 @ 800x600
You are probably aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each image size. What I am most interested in finding out is whether most of you have adequate systems to display the larger image (at least 800x600 at 32k colors), and whether the larger images take too long to download. Also, if you are browsing at 800x600, is it annoying to scroll to see the whole image? If you happen to have a Mac that can do 832x624, these images fit nicely in a fully maximized Netscape window.

Once you have formed your opinion, please e-mail me at hippie@onramp.net and let me know what you prefer.


ps. If you happen to have some BNSF slides or negatives that you can live without for approximately two months, I'd love to hear from you! The BN site would not be nearly what it is if not for the many contributors!

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Last updated: 7/14/97