Why am I doing this?

I go to a bit more length explaining "why I am doing this" in general on my Burlington Northern Photo Archive website. In addition to Burlington Northern and BNSF, I also have an interest in Santa Fe, particularly in the modern Santa Fe Super Fleet, a subset of the Santa Fe motive power fleet that wears what is probably the most recognized paint sheme in American railroading, the red and silver "Warbonnet."

This scheme has a bit of history to it, but my personal interest is in the modern (1990 to present) locomotives that wear it. These locomotives are primarily used for intermodal service, and that is my strongest modelling interest at this time. While I mainly model BN intermodal, I do appreciate the beauty of the warbonnet scheme. I even went so far as to scratchbuild a cab (and other parts) for a N-Scale Bachmann C40-8W back when the standard cab version was the only one available, and also went to the effort of modifying a Kato U30C drive to fit under it (so it ran nicely with my BN Kato SD40s).

Since my interest in Santa Fe is modern, and fairly limited, when I created this site, I had no intention of posting amything but pictures of modern Santa Fe Super Fleet locomotives. Now that the BNSF merger has taken place, that is going to change. I have been shooting both red and silver as well as blue and yellow for some time, and since the start of 1997, my interest has shifted from modern BN intermodal to BNSF. BNSF has blue and yellow warbonnets, so it now is just a matter of time before I have some on this site (or an expanded Santa Fe site) as well.

Eventually, this site as well as my BN site will be sections in a larger BNSF site, just as the two railroads are parts of the new larger BNSF railroad. It should be fun figuring out how to make the transition, and I hope you enjoy watching the transition of this site and the BNSF railroad!
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