Message of the day - March 27, 2003:

Hi everyone,

Fans of flared radiators rejoice! Among today's five blue and yellow warbonnets from Curt Jans are two SD45's. I am particularly happy to have photos of SD45 #5325 and SD45 #5338 since they are among 19 that survived long enough to be part of the BNSF fleet. As common as they may seem, I do not have a hefty selection of SD40-2 photos either, so the addition of three more photos of them is also quite welcome. It looks like I need to at the very least update my sources of info on the ATSF SD45 roster. I did correct some problems on the BNSF SD45 roster, but that short list of 19 units is not a large task to maintain. Even it could probably use some retirement dates by now.


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