Message of the day - June 30, 2003:

Hi everyone,

I did quite a bit of trading a few years back with Moss E. Hulsey, and a few months back when the Santa Fe selection started to get very thin, I reviewed what I had from Moss and was surprised how much good Santa Fe blue and yellow and red, black and yellow I got from him for my more modern SP and BNSF slides. I was mostly after BN and BNSF at the time, but was always looking to get Santa Fe red and silver Super Fleet slides from him, and often in the same box he had some other extra Santa Fe that looked good. Just got done scanning two CD's worth of blue and yellow slides, so I am in good shape for a while, unless I want to post 100 pictures in a month. Not going to happen on the Santa Fe site unless I get some serious help (trade or contribution).

Moving on to today's photos, I really have major holes to fill almost everywhere, but perhaps most interesting is the one unit I already had a shot of. I already had one shot of SD39 #1569, but that was in the "Kodachrome" scheme. Now I have a shot if it in the standard blue and yellow warbonnet paint as well!


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