Message of the day - January 9, 2000:

Hi everyone,

Here are five more "Kodachromes" in the SPSF merger scheme. I have one CD of 36 images, most from trading with Moss Hulsey, so there will be a bit more of these. It may be a long time before I get more of these since I've only shot one good Kodachrome roster myself. I'm in much better shape for Santa Fe blue and yellow warbonnets from 1995 to present.

While it has only been a day, I haven't received any complaints about dropping the 640x400 image size and only doing 800x600. While the smaller images show most rosters well enough, the bigger pictures are nicer, and I guess no one really minds the extra download time for better pictures. I will soon convert the rest of the SF site to all 800x600, and BNSF soon after. Making the BN site all 800x600 will take some work though, as from 1995-1997 I will have to go back to my master PhotoCD's and make new files. Once I'm done, I suppose I'll want to start doing 1024x768 or bigger. Maybe next year, or better yet maybe when I'm finally done with college.


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Last updated: 1/09/2000