Message of the day - February 26, 2004:

Hi everyone,

Here are another five photos by Moss E. Hulsey. This set required some research, as these are the first photos I have posted of ATSF SDF40-2's, or if you prefer original model designations, rebuilt SDP40F's. I had to go back even further in the book collection to Joe McMillan's "Santa Fe Motive Power" to learn about a handful of ATSF SD45 rebuilds that included SD45 #5427. This is one of a few that were rebuilt with 16 cylinder prime movers. Once I found these in Joe McMillan's book, I realized they were in the retired section of Kevin EuDaly's "Santa Fe 1992 Annual." Perhaps I should refer to these rebuilt SD45's as SD45u's as Joe McMillan does, since I am using the rebuilt name for the SDF40-2's. I have for the most part dismissed the "u" designation since the first books I used for reference do not refer to rebuilt or upgraaded units as SD45u, GP35u, etc. but while I am at it, I should note that McMillan lists the SDF40-2's as SDP40Fu's.


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